well, not wisely

I really love this variant cover Brandon Graham’s done for Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca’s new comic series, Shutter, so I put together some references images which it reminded me of. The band running along at the top is an homage to Herge’s Tintin books, which have a band scrolling across the top of the cover, along with Tintin and Snowy’s heads in profile, looking out at the reader. Not all the Tintin books have the band-some editions carry it and others don’t.

The scanned photographs of the camera instantly being to mind Katsuhiro Otomo’s advertisements for Canon in the 80’s, which took a similar mixed-media approach. Otomo drew a couple of characters for the ads- a girl and a guy, who were shown holding and using the Canon camera, but the camera itself wasn’t illustrated- it was a photographic scan of the actual Canon T70 model.

The crocodile bellboys seem to ring a bell, but I’m not sure what- Spirou?

Anyway, I love the cover; I love that Graham has such a fun approach to this sort of thing and makes it work with ease; that he’s able to take a clutch of diverse influences and then draw a lovely lady in that distinct, soft style of his and make the whole thing fresh and his own.

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